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#include <SMGraphProperty_Base.h>

Inherits from FSMGraphProperty_Base_Runtime

Inherited by FSMGraphProperty, FSMTextGraphProperty


struct FSMGraphProperty_Base;

EDITOR: The base struct for graph properties exposed on a node. Contains additional properties for configuration and compilation. Any graph property types should inherit from this.

Public Functions

virtual ~FSMGraphProperty_Base() override =default
virtual const FGuid & SetGuid(const FGuid & NewGuid) override
const FGuid & SetGuid(const FGuid & NewGuid, int32 Index, bool bCountTemplate =true)
const FGuid & GenerateNewGuid()
const FGuid & GenerateNewGuidIfNotValid()
void InvalidateGuid()
const FGuid & SetTemplateGuid(const FGuid & NewGuid, bool bRefreshGuid =false)
const FGuid & GetTemplateGuid() const
const FGuid & GetUnmodifiedGuid() const
virtual bool ShouldAutoAssignVariable() const
virtual bool ShouldGenerateGuidFromVariable() const
virtual bool IsVariableReadOnly() const
virtual bool IsVariableHidden() const
virtual bool ShouldCompileReadOnlyVariables() const

Public Attributes

FName VariableName
FEdGraphPinType VariableType
FMemberReference MemberReference
bool bIsInArray

Protected Attributes

bool bReadOnly
bool bHidden
FGuid GuidUnmodified
FGuid TemplateGuid
int32 GuidIndex


class USMGraphNode_Base
class USMNodeInstance

Additional inherited members

Public Functions inherited from FSMGraphProperty_Base_Runtime

virtual ~FSMGraphProperty_Base_Runtime() =default
virtual void Initialize(UObject * Instance)
virtual void Execute(void * Params =nullptr)
virtual void Reset()
virtual uint8 * GetResult() const
virtual void SetResult(uint8 * Value)
const FGuid & GetGuid() const
virtual const FGuid & SetOwnerGuid(const FGuid & NewGuid)
const FGuid & GetOwnerGuid() const
void SetIsDefaultValueOnly(bool bNewValue)
bool GetIsDefaultValueOnly() const

Public Attributes inherited from FSMGraphProperty_Base_Runtime

TArray< FSMExposedFunctionHandler > GraphEvaluator
FSMGraphProperty_Base_Runtime * LinkedProperty

Protected Attributes inherited from FSMGraphProperty_Base_Runtime

FGuid Guid
FGuid OwnerGuid
uint8 bIsDefaultValueOnly

Public Functions Documentation

function FSMGraphProperty_Base


function ~FSMGraphProperty_Base

virtual ~FSMGraphProperty_Base() override =default

function SetGuid

virtual const FGuid & SetGuid(
    const FGuid & NewGuid
) override

Reimplements: FSMGraphProperty_Base_Runtime::SetGuid

function SetGuid

const FGuid & SetGuid(
    const FGuid & NewGuid,
    int32 Index,
    bool bCountTemplate =true

function GenerateNewGuid

const FGuid & GenerateNewGuid()

function GenerateNewGuidIfNotValid

const FGuid & GenerateNewGuidIfNotValid()

function InvalidateGuid

void InvalidateGuid()

function SetTemplateGuid

const FGuid & SetTemplateGuid(
    const FGuid & NewGuid,
    bool bRefreshGuid =false

function GetTemplateGuid

inline const FGuid & GetTemplateGuid() const

function GetUnmodifiedGuid

inline const FGuid & GetUnmodifiedGuid() const

function ShouldAutoAssignVariable

inline virtual bool ShouldAutoAssignVariable() const

Reimplemented by: FSMTextGraphProperty::ShouldAutoAssignVariable

Used if this class should automatically assign itself to exposed variable properties.

function ShouldGenerateGuidFromVariable

inline virtual bool ShouldGenerateGuidFromVariable() const

Checked during duplication if the guid should be assigned from the variable.

function IsVariableReadOnly

virtual bool IsVariableReadOnly() const

If this variable should be considered read only when displaying on the node.

function IsVariableHidden

virtual bool IsVariableHidden() const

If this variable should not be displayed on the node.

function ShouldCompileReadOnlyVariables

inline virtual bool ShouldCompileReadOnlyVariables() const

Reimplemented by: FSMTextGraphProperty::ShouldCompileReadOnlyVariables

If a read only graph should be compiled into the blueprint. If false then only the default value is stored.

Public Attributes Documentation

variable VariableName

FName VariableName;

The node variable name to override.

variable VariableType

FEdGraphPinType VariableType;

variable MemberReference

FMemberReference MemberReference;

variable bIsInArray

bool bIsInArray;

Protected Attributes Documentation

variable bReadOnly

bool bReadOnly;

Display the variable as read only on the node.

variable bHidden

bool bHidden;

Prevent the variable from being displayed on the node. The property graph is still created and this variable will evaluate with EvaluateGraphProperties regardless of hidden status.

variable GuidUnmodified

FGuid GuidUnmodified;

The guid without the template.

variable TemplateGuid

FGuid TemplateGuid;

The guid of the template this belongs to.

variable GuidIndex

int32 GuidIndex;


friend USMGraphNode_Base

friend class USMGraphNode_Base(

friend USMNodeInstance

friend class USMNodeInstance(

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