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Text Localization 2.7+


FText and Text Graph Properties support text localization and string tables, and for the most part behave similar to the rest of the engine. See Localization in Unreal Engine for how localization works and tools for gathering text.

While text localization worked on previous versions, Logic Driver Pro 2.7 introduced multiple localization improvements, as well as allowed TextGraph localization to be previewed in the editor.

Plugin Specific Limitations

  • FText requires Standard Editor Construction Scripts enabled for stable localization keys.
  • Compiling is required for stable localization keys to work when dealing with duplicate text and keys in a namespace and package.

Engine Limitations

  • Setting a node class default text value to empty culture invariant text will not propagate correctly when the class is instanced in a graph. Unreal Engine uses a static FText representing empty text which has culture settings enabled. This is commonly used when empty text is detected overriding a culture invariant setting.